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Small Batch Hot Sauce

We love trying new hot sauces. Our mission is to bring people together over the joy of spicy flavors. Sign up to get access to complimentary bottles, exclusive releases, fun tasting events, and more.

Sauce With a Dab of Service

My name is Duncan and I’ve worked in high-end hospitality for over five years. I know how to serve and delight my customers. My dream is to share creative, small batch hot sauces with others who share my passion for the SPICE. Please enter your email address below to join our free newsletter about all things hot sauce. I look forward to serving you.
- Duncan Blount

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Shelby Spice is a small batch hot sauce company in Shelby NC, and we do things a bit differently. We believe in growing our community's knowledge of peppers and spicy recipes, as well as sponsoring fantastic local events. Our sauce is a bit different too:

  • Enjoy all natural, meticulously crafted sauces with no capsaicin additives, thickening agents, artificial preservatives, or other chemicals.
  • Support local! Based in Shelby, NC, we buy from local family farms for all of our special edition sauces.
  • Experience tasting events, rare peppers, creative blends, entertaining interviews, and more.

Get ready for Flavor, Heat, and Character

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