Testimonials: Shelby Spice

Testimonials: Shelby Spice

With fresh and locally grown ingredients, Shelby Spice takes an ultra-premium approach to hot sauce. Like the difference between a mass-produced wine vs. a small estate wine in Sonoma Valley, the quality can be found in the taste and experience of a quality small batch hot sauce. Here are some recent testimonials from our customers:

Winnie S.

Yes Ma’am

“It’s THE BEST. I’ve literally been using it like salsa and just dipping straight tortilla chips in it. I’m already almost out!”


Coley C.

Yes Ma’am

“YES MA'AM IS FIREEEE!! I absolutely love it.”


Brennan T.

“Absolutely the first hot sauce I’ve ever had that made my mouth water because of the flavor.”


Daniel C.

Yes Ma’am

“Delicious freaking sauce. You seriously killed it with Yes Ma’am!”


Jay H.

Yes Ma’am

Absolutely amazing, legit one of the best hot sauces I’ve ever tasted.”


Bekah M.

Yes Ma’am 

“It was so good! The flavors were HITTING.”



Yes Ma’am

“I really loved this sauce! Well done. This sauce really impressed me and I try a lot of hot sauces.”


Amanda M

Yes Ma’am

“It’s BOMB! It's flavorful. Impactful. And delicious. Enough said.”


Bronze D.

“When I tell you this sauce is delicious, THIS SAUCE IS DELICIOUS!!”


Stan T.

Yes Ma’am

“It’s got a great kick. But the flavor, it's unbelievable. 

Guillaume D.

Fire Crotch

“The balance of heat, sweetness, salt and acidity is on point.”


Stephanie B.

Yes Ma’am

“This is so f***ing good”


Mack B.

Yes Ma’am

“It really does invite your senses into a full body experience.”


John H.

Yes Ma’am

“It’s got some chunks in it, and those chunks are spectacular.”


Mike S.

Yes Ma’am

“The heat is perfect. I’ll be using this sauce a lot”


Dean L.

Fire Crotch

“Delicious, absolutely delicious.”


Jason R.

“This hot sauce is the best tasting hot sauce I’ve ever had”


Adam C.

“The BEST sauce.”



“The ultimate thrill for your tastebuds. Shelby Spice is a symphony of full flavors.”


Rich D.

Lovie Dovey

“That is the most unique tasting sauce I have ever tried... Fascinated with the flavor on this.”


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